8 Reasons to Have a Girlfriend Who Can Fight

Whether you are a woman or a man, gay or straight, feminine or masculine, you know dating a woman who can fight definitely comes in handy. It adds a little spice to the relationship and extra comfort when you’re out in public. It can also be a real turn on depending on what you’re into. Let’s just get into it:

  1. She’s More Confident

Who doesn’t love a confident woman? Women who know they can fight are not afraid of the world around them, and are more comfortable with themselves in the presence of others. They aren’t as afraid to speak proudly (or loudly) when necessary and are less tolerant of disrespect. They just shine and don’t worry about any competition. Everyone loves people who love themselves!

2. She Can Back Up Her Own Tough Talk

If she decides to crack slick with people in a crowded bar, party (excluding kickbacks), or bus stop, you can just serve as back up while she handles her own fight. There’s nothing worse than having to box three people in your brunch outfit because your woman’s hands didn’t show up when her mouth did.

3. Minimizes Domestic Violence

In the heat of an argument, you would probably think twice about putting your hands on a woman you’re 99% sure would beat you up if you tried it. So don’t.

4. The Sex!

Refer back to #1. Also, the sex is probably better because she can use that muscle power for both pain and pleasure 😉

5. She Can Get that Ex to Leave You Alone (if you want)

We are not at all advocating for sicking your woman on anyone (please), however, we also know you can’t tell her what to do. So if you do have a clinger on your hands, we’re sure she can take care of them. Of course, it’s up to you to decide if you really want that ex to let you be. Not our business.

6. Free Fighting Lessons

If your older siblings and cousins failed to give you the beat-you-up-until-you-learn-to-fight lesson, you get a second chance with your girl. Don’t be too proud if you know you can’t fight!

7. You Have Issues Speaking Up for Yourself

Hey, if you are afraid of returning defective items to Target or sending incorrect orders back at restaurants, have your Mighty Mouse lady do it. She ain’t scared.

8. She’s an Inspiration

Women with Laila Ali hands tend to move through the world with a level of confidence and grace that undoubtedly intrigues the rest of us. They are not necessarily violent or hotheaded, but rather willing and able to protect themselves and their less confrontational loved ones at all costs. Knowing that the women around us have our backs adds a great amount of peace to our lives. Get you one. Just please do not fight at kickbacks.

Take some time out of your day to show appreciation to your powerful girlfriends, wives, mothers, and sisters for all they do. What do you love about our fighter sisters? Let us know!