Actual Job Hunting Tips for Dummies

Who doesn’t know someone who’s looking for a job? Hating your job or not having one can definitely wear on your patience, so let’s not waste too much time. Here’s a list of tips that have actually worked for us in the past:

  1. Pay Attention to the Posting Dates

Most jobs posted online are filled within the first 10 days, so aim to apply to newly posted positions. You may also still have a good chance with job listings that are less than 30 days old. If you see that the job was posted 45 or more days ago, don’t waste too much time.

2. Take Advantage of Student Career Centers

If your university has a career center, please go. They will help with everything from resume building to scheduling on-campus interviews with employers. It’s best to see what the career center has to offer well before you graduate, but if you’re lucky, your school will still have opportunities for alumni. Some universities have their own online job systems that cater specifically to their students. This will be way more effective than shooting in the wind on other sites because those employers are looking for prospects like you!

3. Properly Design Your Resume for the System

You have to make your resume fit each job you apply for. Employers have applicant tracking systems that filter through submitted resumes looking for keywords. Carefully examine the job description and describe your work experience using the given buzz words. We’re not saying you should lie on your resume, but be creative. I came across one guy who wanted to work in IT, but lacked the experience. To make sure his resume made it to the top of the system’s list, he wrote a bunch of technical words in tiny, white-colored font at the bottom of his resume. Some may say it was unethical, but it worked!

4. Don’t Apply for Jobs You Don’t Want

Many of us believe that a job is a job, but constantly taking jobs that don’t interest you will only lead you into a cycle of dissatisfaction. Instead of searching for new jobs every other month or year, really consider what it is that you want to do and invest time in that. Consider taking a continued education class at a local college or getting a license/certification in a field that interests you. Check out to browse some options.

5. Look Out For Scams.

In this economy, it’s no secret that people are in dire need of better paying jobs and looking to supplement income. There are organizations that intentionally falsely advertise jobs to take advantage of your desperation. Here’s tips within tips:

  • Have you ever heard of this company before now? Always research the company online. No trustworthy employers are posting jobs without having their own well-designed website. If they do have a website and it looks too vague or shady in any way, move on.
  • If the employer is trying to sell the job to you, it’s likely a scam, a waste of time, or a super low paying sales job. Watch out either way.
  • Sex traffickers sometimes use job postings to lure victims. You have to be extremely careful because these listings can even show up in your school’s career site. Unfortunately, you have to make an effort to get the job you want. If it seems too easy, be suspicious!

6. Practice Your Writing

You may not need much calculus after high school if you aren’t an engineer, but trust and believe you will need to know how to write. We cannot stress enough how many job applications are rejected because of a poorly written resume or cover letter. Many adults struggle with language composition well into their careers, and employers practically beg universities to send candidates who can write. You do not need to be *insert famous writer* to get by. Search YouTube and Purdue Owl for language tips and guidance. Or ask for help!

7. Be Yourself in the Interview

Relax and let your natural charm shine through! You are qualified for whatever job you are interviewing for, otherwise you wouldn’t have been called. This means you already know what is expected of you, so avoid putting yourself under extra pressure to be or talk like someone else. Your accent is just fine. Do not think you have to become a whole new character to be professional.

Please share with your sister’s boyfriend’s cousin and them who need a job! If you have additional tips or suggestions, help us out and comment below.